A collaboration between two Rome-based companies that share a love of good coffee.

Based in Rome, Naessi Studio was established by architect and interior designer Eleonora Carbone and product and visual designer Alessandro D’Angeli. The founders’ complementing backgrounds allow them to make products and create design strategies with a holistic vision and a multidisciplinary approach. However, the city’s cultural heritage also influences the studio’s work. As it happens, Rome provided the backdrop for one of the studio’s latest projects. Created in a partnership with local coffee brand Chicchi by Marigold (“chicchi” means “coffee beans” in Italian), this single-origin coffee celebrates Italian design and innovation as well as the two teams’ love of quality, specialty coffee and sustainability.

Indeed, Næssi Coffee x Chicchi by Marigold is a love letter to coffee. The project also pays homage to the morning ritual that weaves a connecting thread through the rest of the day. The collab is a natural continuation to Naessi Studio’s collection of minimalist coffee brewing tools; sleek and modern, these glass objects refine the coffee brewing experience further. A single-origin whole bean coffee, Naessi Coffee is perfect for the filter brewing method. Chicchi by Marigold sources the beans from a small farm in the town of Nyakshenyi, Uganda. The farm uses sustainable methods and no chemicals or pesticides to produce the coffee. Plus, they cover up to 95% of the electricity use with solar panels.

As for the coffee itself, it boasts notes of berries, honey, plum, and pink grapefruit. To create the packaging, Naessi Studio used the original Chicchi label design and brand identity as a starting point and added a three-dimensional quality to the vibrant blocks of color. Travertine stone and terracotta, two materials found throughout Rome, also provided a source of inspiration. You can find out more about the project and order the coffee directly from Naessi, here. Photographs© Naessi Studio.

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