Niche Coffee Grinder

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A specially designed grinder that helps you make barista quality coffee at home.

For coffee lovers, few things come close to the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of specialty coffee in the morning. However, getting close to perfection is not possible without a quality coffee grinder. That’s where the Niche grinder comes in. Developed by UK-based brand Niche Coffee, Niche Zero is a specially designed single-dose grinder that offers increased levels of control over both the quantity and freshness of ground coffee beans. Niche Zero features professional 63mm conical steel burrs that ensure maximum of quality while minimizing and even eliminating waste. As it doesn’t retain any grind, this product guarantees that all of the coffee beans reach their destination: your coffee brewer.

The practical stepless dial adjustment system allows the user to easily and accurately select the grind setting for the perfect brew, depending on roasts and preferences. This way, you can quickly prepare coffee for a French press or espresso coffee. This Niche grinder is quiet and easy to use, even early in the morning. It features the aforementioned dial, a funnel for the coffee beans, and a switch. Plus, the safety interlocking grid ensures that the machine only works with a firmly closed lid. Finally, the Niche grinder’s design is stylish. Niche Zero has an aluminum body with solid oak details and comes in Pure White and Midnight Black versions. The package also includes a 58mm grind cup, a cleaning brush, a socket driver, and a user manual. Photography© Niche Coffee.

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