A perfect blend of Italian style and cutting-edge, sustainable design.

Italian design often seems to keep cutting-edge technology and innovation in perfect balance with refined style. The Panboo cookware line is a perfect example. Created by Milan-based designer Attila Veress and chef Davide Oldani, this collection blends the latest technology with minimalist and functional design to offer a sustainable cookware solution. Indeed, Panboo is unlike any other cookware currently available on the market. That’s because these casseroles and pots are not made from metal or ceramic, but from an entirely new material: Pirotech. And the collection offers an impressive range of benefits.

Making the art of cooking sustainable.

Developed over the course of 5 years in a collaboration between designer Attila Veress and engineers and materials experts, the collection is a bio-based cookware line that is both innovative and eco-friendly. The patented material is carbon-based and vegetable in origin, which means that it is 100% natural and non-toxic. Extracted from organic and renewable sources such as bamboo, a plant with a fast growing cycle, the material is environmentally friendly and safe to use as well as entirely recyclable.

Furthermore, Pirotech works on all – and we do mean ALL – heating sources, marking a first in the world of cookware. From induction to radiant, ceramic, halogen, oven, electric, and open flame, this collection of cookware works perfectly with any heating source. And that includes microwaves. Pirotech is an excellent heat conductor, providing a practical way to reduce cooking times and heat the food evenly. Plus, the pots are thermally stable; this means that they do not deform or suffer thermal shock when exposed to freezing temperatures right from the oven. While lightweight, these pots are resistant to corrosion and impact, meaning that they are as durable as they are versatile.

The collection’s design optimizes function without compromising style. Simple and elegant, the pots and pans feature ergonomic handles and stylish curves. The collection consists of a pot, two casseroles with lids, and two pans. Chef Davide Oldani specially chose the size of the pots and pans to cover all the needs of cooks. Plus, since the cookware works with any heating source, it eliminates the need to have special pots for different cooking surfaces. This means less clutter in the kitchen and a more practical, optimized cookware selection.

Proudly invented and made in Italy.

Invented in Italy, the Panboo collection is also proudly made in the country. To manufacture each pot or pan, the company needs 36 hours. For context, a standard piece of cookware made using standard cast or pressing techniques requires only seconds. The premium quality and meticulous production method come together with the cutting-edge Pirotech material, making the Panboo cookware collection not only sustainable, but truly a future-proof design. Photographs© Davide Di Tria.

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