An ingenious twist on the classic vinyl record storage system.

For the vast majority of turntable lovers and vinyl record collectors, using the traditional, library-style storage system is second nature. However familiar this method may be, it’s counter-intuitive and can even negatively impact the music listening experience. As only the spine remains visible, some vinyl records with plain designs may remain untouched for months or even years. These issues led graphic designer Fabian Geyrhalter to rethink the entire storage system, both for his own massive collection of more than 1,600 records, and for all of the vinyl enthusiasts who want to make the most of their own collections. Partnering with a designer from renowned design firm Frank Gehry Partners and with advisors from Cambridge Audio, Fabian Geyrhalter brought his vision to life with the Toneoptic rpm.

An elegant design that enhances the experience of selecting vinyl records.

The design is both elegant and innovative. Shaped like a cube, the rpm opens with a smooth touch and pull system. Inside, a shelf rotates 90 degrees forward to present the vinyl records with the cover at the front. As a result, the user can easily see and select the desired records. This system not only aims to make storage more intuitive, but also offers a great way to relive the delight of discovering vinyl records, similarly to a visit to a record store. Specially designed to bring parts of collections out from dedicated rooms and into main living spaces, the Toneoptic rpm is stylish and versatile. The unit complements design-forward interiors while providing an ingenious solution to rediscover one’s record collection.

Each patent-pending unit can store between 60 and 75 records. It can also accommodate records of different sizes, from 7’’ and 10’’ to 12’’. Three dividers allow the user to easily organize records. Handcrafted in Toneoptic’s L.A. workshop, the rpm comes in two versions. While the solid walnut model has a mid-century modern feel, the Finland ply has a high-gloss, white acrylic lacquer finish. Other materials include Polyfelt® record protectors made from recycled water bottles and high-grade solid steel hardware. Vinyl enthusiasts can install either one unit or several in a modular wall-mounted system. For the first run, the company offers a limited-edition series of 50 numbered and signed “Founder’s Batch” units. They cost $3,750, which is the same price of the standard collection, launching in the near future. Photographs© Toneoptic.

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