The W.W. Hermansen Bike One

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A vintage-style take on the popular Hermansen Bike One design.

To celebrate this year’s 3 Days of Design event in Copenhagen, lifestyle brand Wood Wood and e-bike manufacturer Hermansen collaborated on a special project. Using Anders Hermansen‘s award-winning Bike One as a base, the team designed an electric bicycle that draws inspiration from vintage 4×4 vehicles and outdoor gear. The W.W. Hermansen Bike One features a compact and asymmetric frame made of classic Reynolds mandrel butted steel tubes with a chrome-plated rear stays and fork. Wood Wood co-founder Brian SS Jensen chose the colors for the bike: a palette of light khaki and army green which gives a nod to vintage off-road vehicles. Red anodized accents and co-branding complete the look of this special edition e-bike.

Designed for urban environments, the bicycle comes with a 250W rear hub motor that is both compact and silent. To comply with EU regulations, the pedal assist motor has a maximum assisted speed of 25km per hour. The user can select between four power assist levels using an app which also offers access to battery or riding speed info. The innovative Li-ion battery has a bottle shape; it attaches itself to the seat post with a magnet and a strap. As a result, the user can easily detach the battery to recharge it.

Depending on the speed, mode, and terrain, the battery has a range of 30-40 km on a full charge. However, its small size makes it easy to take an extra battery to expand the range of the bike. Lightweight and compact, the bicycle also comes with 20’’ wheels, Continental Explorer tires, and hydraulic disc brakes. An optional front rack is also available. On display from September 16 2021 at Wood Wood’s flagship store in Copengagen, the W.W. Hermansen Bike One is available to buy online now. Photography© Hermansen.

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