A lightweight electric bike with a folding frame and self-charging technology.

Vienna-based bike manufacturer VELLO produces ultra-lightweight bicycles with custom folding mechanisms and a range of styles. Created by product designer Valentin Vodev, the VELLO collection has received many prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best” and the Good Design award. Following the introduction of an innovative mini velo, the world’s first folding gravel bike, the company has added a new design to its collection. Bike+ is a lightweight and portable e-bike designed with the signature VELLO folding frame. This e-bike has an impressive weight of 9.9 kg, or just under 22 lbs, and folds in only 8 seconds. Designed as the ideal city ride, Bike+ suits anything from daily commuting to rides through a hilly countryside.

Innovative features that enhance functionality.

The bicycle comes with a high-efficiency BLDC electric motor and a built-in battery. Thanks to the regenerative braking system, the four sensors and the self-charging KERS technology, the user can easily recharge the battery while going downhill or braking. The smart design also ensures that the rider doesn’t need to shift gears at speeds of under 25 km per hour. VELLO offers the option to either choose the Schlumpf Speed Drive that can handle top speeds with ease or the Schlumpf Mountain Drive which suits steep hills and slopes of 17%. With the Speed Drive, the bike can reach maximum speeds of 25 km/h with assistance from the electric motor; without it, it can reach 40 km/h. The battery provides a range of 50 km (31 miles) on turbo mode. However, it has a theoretical unlimited range when using the self-charging system.

Bike+ also comes with 20-inch tires, folding handlebars with ergonomic grips, and a Selle Royal saddle. A custom app allows the user to see info like speed, location, and more at a glance. VELLO offers this folding e-bike in an anthracite color and in Standard, Speed Drive, and Mountain Drive versions. While the standard option costs around $3,350, the other two cost around $3,650. All three come fully assembled and ready to ride straight out of the box. Photographs © VELLO.

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