Pursuing the state of perfection

Pursuing the state of perfection.

Who said we only do skin care for men?

Who can defineanother man’s luxury?

There is perfection in the journey; the love, passion, and dedication essential to a state of absolute excellence is the true gem of success. No longer will the illusion of old-world opulence prevent an individual from achieving his vision, for who can define another man’s luxury? The Himalayan mountain climber finding respite in a nearby village discovers in a different form the same joy obtained by the site-seeking city-dweller observing from afar the lively streets below. Within the wide range of aesthetes, inclusive of all appreciators of talent and art, exists the reality of luxury that cannot be singularly determined. In a world where beauty and fascination rests in the good causes and inspirational stories of the people that live in it, the jewel sought is a quest made ever the sweeter through personal devotion, satisfaction, and joy.


An assuredly eclecticcollection of tangibles

Celebrating the pool of innovation from the passionate curators among us, we at GSelect present the most visionary concepts in an assuredly eclectic collection of tangibles that deliver beauty, fun, and function to the lives of others. We don’t sell brands; we sell the results of creativity, love, and care. We carry goods designed by the talented, inventive minds of our time to bring you a plethora of fancy and imagination into the flavors and colors of your life. Whether industrialism or minimalism suits your style, our collaborations with designers and the novel pieces we present promise the best of the best.
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Few notes of sophisticationAnd a hint of playfulness

Like lingering over a glass of wine exchanging news and views with friends, truly living means taking the time to savor the finest of what life has to offer. GBlog takes a sip from the glass of the Gessato lifestyle, a tasting menu of the beautiful, stylish, imaginative, and unusual things that welcome luxury and well-being to everyday life. From that sip we present a utopia of knowledge and inspiration from the artistic minds of design aficionados. GBlog features the newest projects and works that span the gamut of aesthetics with an essence of originality, a few notes of sophistication, and a hint of playfulness. Come join us on our escapade for the Gessato lifestyle and share with us your passions.
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Gessato is like a spark of energy

Timeless isThe new contemporary

Gessato is a spark of energy, a fresh seedling anchored by its Italian roots and ready to grow by the air of the world into what’s happening NOW. It lovingly embraces the diversified disciplines and surrounding industries to ignite a revolution in the present context of design. Unrestricted in scope and welcoming to all things inspired, Gessato is wide-reaching through the way it experiments, explores, and associates with the most diversified forms of creativity. This zealousness and enthusiasm is the catalyst to transform Gessato into a blossoming entity of expression and being. More than just a pin-striped fabric, the name Gessato is an Italian word that carries its rich cultural history as well as proposes a contemporary, effortless elegance. Gessato’s skin care line was a first venture to capture quality and brilliance; now, Gessato is moving to recast the notion of luxury to convey the passions of the clientele and creator alike. Flourishing in art, imagination, and individuality, Gessato is a lifestyle that finds its best existence in pursuing the state of perfection.